“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde


Session Details and Frequently Asked Questions

I have to confess to you, I can’t just take one picture of you and say we’re done. I love to take time with you, talk to you, try lots of different angles, light, positions...so...you will get a lot of pictures. I always offer fully edited, full resolution digital images with every shoot.

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Family Sessions

1½ hours together

100-125 digital images


$50 off island travel fee


Senior Sessions

One hour and one location

50-75 digital images


$50 extra for each additional location


Headshot/Branding Sessions

½ hour session

5-10 digital images in both color and black and white



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule a session?

You can email me at cullimorephotography@gmail.com or click the contact button at the top of the page.

Where do we go for sessions?

Vashon island is a beautiful place with many choices for pictures. I think choosing a location that has meaning for you and your family adds an extra level of meaning to the images we create.


Vashon High School


Morningside Farm


Mukai Pond




The O SPace


Pt. Robinson


Tramp Harbor


What should we wear?

Something that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful. Wear shoes and clothes that allow you to move and have fun playing with your family. For a group, choose 1-3 colors with similar tones and then you can mix in black, white, gray, and brown. For individual portraits wearing colors that bring out the color of your eyes are beautiful. Textures and layers can be very flattering. Keep away from neons and large logos. Look at the colors and tones in your home especially where you want to display the images. What colors compliment your décor in that room?


What if it rains?

We live in the Pacific Northwest and the weather is always a bit unpredictable. If the weather doesn’t cooperate we will reschedule.

My kids don’t like having their picture taken. How do you handle that?

I have four children and have worked with children my whole life. I like to create a relaxed atmosphere where the children feel free to relax and have fun. We will play some simple movement games and talk and be silly. When kids feel free to show their personality then we get those truly authentic expressions. I only need a second to capture that perfect shot amid all the other goofiness.


I’m nervous. What can I do to make the session run smoothly?

There is a lot of stress preparing the family to come for pictures. The best thing for you to do is to relax, and be prepared to just enjoy being with your family. It is my job to guide you through simple games and to create posed and candid images. You don’t need to worry what everyone else is doing, that is my job and that is why you hired me. Your children will pick up on your anxiety so just focus on how much you love them and Relax!

What do I need to bring with me?

I suggest a small bag where you can put your phones, wallets and other personal items. You may want to bring a small snack/water to help keep the kids going or for bribery. If you have any things that are special to your family or you like doing bring those. For example: a blanket, balls, books, special comfort item.


How long before I can see the pictures?

Within two weeks I will send you a link to your gallery. In the gallery you will see all the images from the session. You can choose to get prints made which will be directly sent to your home. You will also be able to download the digital copies of your images.

How do I get the digital copies?

When you log into your gallery there is a download icon. Simply click on that, follow the instructions and another email will be sent to you that contains your images.


Are you ready to get started?

Email me today at cullimorephotography@gmail.com or fill in the form below. 

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