“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver


Fine Art School Photography

How would you like your annual school photograph to be a work of art? something you would be excited to frame and display on your wall?


I want to give you images that Scream this is my child!


Childhood is so fleeting and there is no better way to document it than with the annual school photograph. But so often those photographs are disappointing and show very little of your child’s personality.


Our preschool class pictures turned out great! Each child’s personality shines through in each picture Rebecca took. Her gift is in her ability to capture a child’s spirit and temperament in their portraits. Each image is a perfect snapshot, preserving this moment of childhood forever. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your talents with us!



“Everyone has been thrilled with the photos.

They are of the highest quality and Rebecca has a real knack for capturing each child's unique personality. She engages them in just the right way to make them feel comfortable, and then their true selves come out and she captures it. I will have her back every year! She makes it so easy too. (there's nothing I need to do!!). If you are a preschool and want to provide a treasured gift to your families, invite Rebecca Cullimore to come to your school to take portraits of the kiddos in your care. You and the parent's will be glad you did!

--Jenny Mickelson, Owner of Love and Laughter Preschool and Childcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cost the school money?

No, there is no cost to the school and no obligation to buy or purchase prints.

How does this benefit the school?

I know being a teacher is a work of love. For that reason I offer 10% of my net proceeds to the school or the same value in digital images and prints for the school to use how they would like.


What will the preschool director need to do?

Not much! I will need the email addresses of the parents/guardians of your students. After that, I will provide you with an advertisement to pass out to families. I will come to your school. When the images are ready, I will send a personal email to each family with a link to their private gallery. From that gallery they can look at the images and choose to buy prints, and/or digital images. When the prints arrive, I will deliver them to your school.

Are the images kept private?

Yes, each family will have their own private gallery with only the images of their child.

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How do the parents order pictures?

From the online gallery, they choose the image they want, click the shopping cart, then choose what they would like to buy.

All sales are done online.


Do you take sibling pictures?

Yes, siblings can come during the time I am at the school to have special sibling pictures done as well as individual images.


How does this differ from the standard school pictures?

It is my goal to capture genuine emotion in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I work hard to elicit a variety of expressions and emotions. You will receive a gallery of both color and black and white images from which to choose. There is no minimum order and no ordering until you have seen the images.

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Want to see some more pictures.

Interested in family sessions?

Does your sport’s team need photos?


I would love to talk to you about offering this unique opportunity to your parents and students.

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