Do you have the courage to bring forth

treasures that are hidden within you?

- Elizabeth Gilbert 

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It all happens way too fast!

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Hi, I’m Rebecca

Yesterday they were starting kindergarten,

or losing their first tooth or taking their first step.

Today, they got their driver's license or are getting braces, glasses, and acne.

Tomorrow, they’ll be packing up to move out, go to college, and start a life on their own.


As a mother of four I often wonder if I am doing enough,

connecting enough, loving enough.


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What is it that my children are going to remember?

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What is worth more

than Gold?

The images I have of me loving and connecting with my children and them loving and connecting with each other. For this reason I am passionate about creating those images for you and your family. Time passes way too fast and you need to be able to hang on to those memories and moments forever.


I know just the thought of family pictures can cause the feeling of stress to grow.

First, are the self doubts:

“I need to lose weight.” “I need a haircut.” “Oh man, where did all that gray hair come from?”

“What about the bags, under my eyes?”


“What are we going to wear? How am I going to convince everyone to go and be excited?

What if they misbehave or don’t smile?”

But I really want family pictures...


I get it!!

From my children I have learned that things rarely goes as planned, and that is ok. It often takes us someplace better than I imagined.

Attention spans are short, so lets mix things up, add movement, talking, cuddling, laughing, a quick game of tag.

We worry about our children smiling, but honestly you don’t want that fake “cheese” smile anyway.

You want that cute little toothless grin or that smile with just the slightest hint of mischievousness on the side. You adore that pensive, serious look that makes you wonder what is be going through their mind.

You want true, authentic emotion!

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The greatest compliment that I can receive at the end of a session, (and usually it is from the dad) is

“That wasn’t too bad, we had a lot of fun, thank you!” 


I can’t wait to meet you, the real you and your family. Come as you are.

Don’t wait for that perfect moment to arrive, because it never will.

Come now and together we will make some memories that you will treasure forever.


“My first look through I found all my flaws. My second look through I found expressions of love, and familiarity of gesture; these were more obvious than the physical flaws. You can see the strong bond between us in so many of the pictures. ….Time is a thief and moms are forever behind the camera. I appreciate you so much.”


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