Headshots and Personal Branding

The magic rarely happens within our comfort zone, but outside it, on the ragged, scary edge, where we have to fight like hell to keep from drowning in the unknown.
— David DuChemin

When is the last time you updated your media profile?

Do you need to apply for a new job? How is your LinkedIn Profile?

Do you need high quality images for Instagram or other personal branding?


I know that getting your picture taken is probably the last thing on your list, but having a great image can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and give you more confidence as you put yourself out there.


I make it easy, simple, and painless. You come to me, I come to you, or we meet somewhere in between, and 1/2 hour later you have some images you can be proud of.

½ hour session

5-10 images in both color and black and white



"Maybe it’s odd to think that you’d get more comfortable with photos of yourself if you got more taken. I can pretend or ignore what I look like to others as long as I don’t see myself. But getting photographed regularly for my online business I’ve been able to accept both my beauty and me in reality. I’ve just gotten used to the way I look through Rebecca’s lens and it’s actually pretty great. So many women hate photos of themselves. It’s something I’ve been able to get over by doing it more. Having Rebecca take photos of me..well they’re the best that have ever been taken."



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